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Preventative Maintenance Program

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

You run your machines hard, and that is why it’s critical to keep them tuned up. Even simple preventative measures will help ensure your equipment doesn’t go down when you need it most. Protect your investment and maximize your productivity with Great Lakes Machinery Preventative Maintenance Packages. Take advantage of our local, factory-certified service technicians to keep your equipment in the best possible condition.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

  • Increase and maintain profitability by avoiding unplanned down time
  • Reduce scrap due to wear related changes in accuracy and alignment
  • Extend useful life of your machine tool
  • Maintain the resale value of your machine tool
  • Maintain ISO Certifications

Great Lakes Machinery Preventative Maintenance Program

Great Lakes Machinery service department has plenty of experience in conducting Preventative Maintenance (PM’s) on machines that we sell / represent and other brand name machines.

Please request Preventative Maintenance on any machine in your shop!